Company Profile

Rainer Schmidt landscape architects + urban planners have been designing and implementing projects on different scales for more than 20 years in Germany and abroad, specializing in the regions of North Africa, Middle East and Asia. The firm employs is a staff of approximately 30 and has three of-fices in Germany: the head office is in Munich; one branch office is in Berlin and the other in Bernburg. The office is specialized in the planning and implementing of largescale projects in landscape architecture, environmental planning and urban design. The office’s aim is to find suitable approaches to solve the problems of our time. The language of landscape architecture in the 21st century must offer a realistic reflection of the way people interact with each other and with nature. The office is striving to achieve a balance between design, function, emotion and conservation.

Quality originates from interaction
The interplay between urban planning, open space planning and architecture determines the quality of a building location, living quarters or an entire city. Therefore, mutual trust and a close working relationship with developers, planning partners and architects is of the utmost importance to our office.
Creation of "exceptional Space"
Our office interprets the assignment as using innovative solutions and effective project management to create "exceptional Space", that delivers, depending on the need, an experience, enjoyment, content and relaxation without exceeding the budget of the developers.
Open space represents room for communication
In a world, where more than 50% of the people live within city boundaries and a global economy, a central significance is that this is dominated by knowledge, work and above all, communication. As a consequence, open space can be interpreted as a platform for communication within our society and can be transformed in the most diverse ways.
The conscientious treatment of ground, water and air, as well as flora and fauna is an incontrovertible building block of the open space planning. The objective of our office is to optimise the ecological, economical and social effects of all our projects, through the judicious use of our natural resources.